Welcome to rollins.booth236.net

Cluck cluck Biatch! This is the web page for booth236.net.. This server is for monitoring my internal net and most access should be restricted! Below are some links to the internal management utilities on this network. ATTENTION hackers.. I dont have anyting interesting on my network, but if you can get in and poke around, here is what you will find:


Sun Sparcstation IPX Weitek 80 Solaris 2.5.1

Sun Sparcstation 20 Quad ROSS 125MHz Solaris 7

Sun Sparc Ultra 5 360MHz Solaris 8

IBM RS/6000 PowerServer 370 AIX 5.1L

X86 Dual Intel 650MHz PIII RedHat 9.0


X86 Intel 233Mhz WinBLOWS 98 SE

X86 Intel 266Mhz Mandrake 8.0 / WinBLOWS XP

X86 Intel 1.0GHz Mandrake 9.0 / WinBLOWS XP

X86 AMD Duron 1.2GHz WinBLOWS XP

*Various managed devices...

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